Introduction to Value Creation

I am a teacher at heart, I teach people about Value Creation in business. I make the connection between what people do on a day to day basis and how these actions drive value creation…or maybe value destruction.

Value Creation is about profitability and understanding the dynamics of the income statement; efficient use of capital and assets, which are the dynamics of the balance sheet; and how best to fund the growth of a business. These components measure the outcomes of every decision and every action and ultimately drive the share price. I can help you and your employees make the connections and join the dots so that value creation is a conscious objective every day.

Introduction to Valueometer

In this video I introduce the Valueometer which outlines the major components of value creation. The Valueometer is a holistic view of the drivers of value in a business. The majority of my teaching revolves around the first 2 segments, namely, Returns and Expectations. In my teaching I explore the theory, but more importantly I uncover the links between how day to day decisions and actions drive value creation and ultimately share price growth.