Chris Muller

Chris Muller has taught on the Wits MBA programme since 1999, and on the Wits Finance Honours elective since 2010. He runs elective courses on corporate finance, portfolio management, equity markets and investment, financial modeling and derivatives. He has special interests in teaching modeling in Excel and timeseries databases.

Chris has twice received the best part-time lecturer of the year award at the Wits business school. Chris teaches on the GIBS DBA programme, and last year, taught the Wharton MBA class.

After a nine year period working for what is now JPMorgan, Chris spent the next ten years consulting to the sell and buy side, providing financial, teaching and software expertise. Chris has recently consulted to Nersa, the government employees’ pension fund board, and the CFA Institute.

As a licensed fund manager, Chris has managed a private quants equity fund for more than 13 years. He also takes focused positions in the markets, trading both futures and options. Since 2008, Chris has been managing the Southern African portion of an African fund run out of London.

Chris has published several articles in the Investment Analysts Journal. The Investment Analysts Society has awarded him the annual award for co-authoring the best article in the Journal in 2006, 2008, and 2011.