Max MacKenzie

Max MacKenzie is a gifted lecturer with an obvious flair for finance and people development. As a multiple recipient of the Wits Business School teacher of the year award Max has established himself as a thought leader in management accounting, corporate finance and entrepreneurial finance.

Max has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg) and an MBA from Wits Business School. He did a brief spell as a school teacher before entering the commercial world as an accountant. As an accountant, Max has accumulated several years of practical experience in senior positions in a broad range of financial positions across several industries (retail, financial, leisure and services) working in South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe. His last commercial position was that of financial manager in a service industry, which he held for three years.

During his long association with Wits Business School Max has held several positions and taught across a broad spectrum of levels. He gets great enjoyment from demystifying introductory finance and the more specialised work he does in Strategic and Project Finance.

Max has found a natural home at iCampus as he delivers an obvious link between the classroom and the operational success of the organisation. He believes this is an opportunity for improvement in most training and development initiatives. His interest in the numbers currently sits with statistics and analytics as a bridge between the boardroom and operational KPI’s. Max has twice received the prestigious full-time lecturer of the year award from WBS.